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Are you looking for a program that is a little more long-term for extra support and guidance? Have you fallen off the wagon with your wellness goals? Then this package is for you. Let’s work together to develop a new approach to healthy living that is both manageable and sustainable and get you back on track.

This package includes a 1 hour Initial Assessment, 5 biweekly sessions, and 1 consultation of either a Grocery Store or a Dining Out Consultation (your choice). Also included is ongoing support via the Recovery Record Application tool. 

 In our first Initial Assessment we will discuss your past issues, as well as your presenting problems. The next session will consist of identifying your goals in which we will continue to monitor your progress over the next several sessions. We will continue to discuss and work through any destructive thinking patterns and emotional concerns over the course of 3 months. I’ll provide you with unlimited support through the Recovery Record app, a tool which monitors daily food logs and emotional eating triggers. I will also suggest ongoing helpful tips and strategies along the way. 

You will work on:

  • Developing a goal plan that is both realistic and obtainable. 

  • How to manage self sabotaging thoughts.

  • How to manage and prevent food cravings.

  • Easy meal planning strategies.

  • Tips and tricks for staying motivated to stick to your goals.

  • Overcoming body image and self-esteem issues.

  • Learning how to implement skills for weight maintenance to last a lifetime - a true lifestyle change.

  • How to manage emotional eating and learn intuitive eating. 

  • And much more!


Package Includes:


90 Day Healthy Jump Start $545



Please note, insurance is not accepted as a form of payment. 
However, a superbill can be provided for your reimbursement.