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Goal Setting (from the Joyful Eating Program)

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Goal Setting (from the Joyful Eating Program)


In this video you will learn:

- How to set goals you will actually stick to.

- How to stay motivated for your goals.

- The MAIN reason you give up on your New Year's resolution by February (and how to stop!)

- The reason why setting a weight loss goal is a terrible idea (and what to do instead.) 

- The basics of adequate nutrition.

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In this session, we’ll discuss the best approach to setting goals. It's MORE than just setting a resolution. Whether or not you realize it, perhaps one of the biggest reasons you might have struggled in the past is because of the approach you took with your goals.

In addition to goal setting, we’ll be taking a closer look at your diet and any changes you may want to make. We’ll cover a foundation of basic nutrition skills, portion control and understanding nutritional labels.


This video is from the Joyful Eating Program and is a recording from the LIVE session offered in our most recent program. If you would like to participate in the next program, please send an email to to get on the Waitlist to be notified!