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one week analysis

Are you unsure if the foods you're eating are helping you meet your goals? Keep a one week log of your eating habits and submit your log for feedback. You can track your food with handouts provided or with a fitness app, such as MyFitnessPal. You'll receive a comprehensive report regarding the analysis of your week of eating, suggested food goals to help you get on track, as well as additional helpful resources.

One Week Analysis $35


One Month of Support with Recovery record Program

If you would like more of an ongoing, coaching approach, you can sign up for four weeks worth of food log analysis. Utilizing the Recovery Record clinician application, you will receive ongoing support daily by tracking your food and emotional triggers. With this application, I will be able to see your entries in "real-time" as well as give you "real-time" feedback. (My Fitness Pal is also an option, as well as old fashioned pencil and paper.)

One Month Recovery Record Support $100

Meal Planning Session

The Madden Wellness philosophy is that you are MORE than a Meal Plan. Meal Plans that provide "cookie cutter" outlines and tell you what to eat also prevent you from being able to eat intuitively. These types of Meal Plans can be restrictive, rigid and leave you feeling more stressed out if you deviate from the plan or if there is something you would not normally eat or prepare yourself.

In this session, we work TOGETHER to outline a Meal Plan for a two week period in which I TEACH you how to design a meal plan that is sustainable, delicious and time-saving. We can design meal plans based on whether or not you like to cook or don't like to cook. My goal is to TEACH you how to design meal plans so that you can continue to do so on your own after we finish working together. You will also gain access to the Stress-Free Meal Planning video course with helpful handouts so that you may refer back for more instruction whenever you need.

After designing your meal plan, we will then complete a Grocery Store Tour, in which we will shop for your meal plan. During this shopping session, we will discuss healthy substitutes to make the most out of your meal plan, money saving strategies and how to navigate the grocery store without falling into grocery store gimmicks.


Meal Planning Session $75

With Grocery Store Tour $125

Recovery Record Preview Video