My Food Philosophy

I provide services for everyone around the United States through telehealth, virtual counseling platforms. My approach focuses on the concepts of Intuitive (Mindful) Eating and a Health At Every Size perspective. My goal is to help clients identify destructive, problematic eating habits and develop normalized eating behaviors. For some individuals (those who overeat, binge or yo-yo diet) this could translate to weight loss. However, for others who restrict, this could mean learning to accept your body at it's natural size. We will work on learning what "normal" eating looks like, as well as learning strategies for loving your body and yourself more. My philosophy is a NON DIET approach, free of stressful time lines and learning to incorporate ALL foods in moderation.     ~ Amber

We will work on:

- Learning to love all foods (decreasing good and bad food rules).
- Normalizing eating behaviors through intuitive and mindful eating strategies.
- Reducing or eliminating restrictive food habits (counting calories/points, etc.)
- Shifting focus from weight loss to size acceptance.
- Identifying ways to love yourself without abusing food (overeating, binging).
- Incorporating movement that is pleasurable, rather than rigid or structured.
- Shattering media myths about "thinspiration," diets and cleanses.
- Improving self-esteem and confidence.

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Amber specializes in the following areas:

Eating Disorders & Obesity

- Weight concerns and relationship building with food
- Identifying destructive eating patterns and disorders
- Overcoming body image and self-confidence issues
- Understanding emotional eating
- Addressing underlying triggers associated with food addiction
- Childhood and Adolescent Obesity, as well as other problematic food conditions (picky eating).
- Binge Eating, Orthorexia and other Disordered Eating concerns.

Other Wellness Concerns

- Stress and Anxiety
- Depression
- Addiction (Substance Abuse and others)
- Exercise Motivation
- Court-Mandated Services (Social Services Cases, Child Custody, etc.)

Amber has many areas of expertise. If your condition is not listed here, please contact her to see if this is an area in which she practices. If Amber is not best suited to address your concerns, she will refer to you a counselor practicing in that area!


Free Consultation

I offer a free 15 minute consultation, so you have a chance to meet me, ask questions, learn more about counseling and decide if you think I am the right counselor for you. I believe the most important part of therapy is the relationship between you and me, since the quality of our relationship has significant impact on how successful we are in our work together. A free consultation is a great way for you to get a sense of how you and I will work together. NO financial obligation or paperwork to fill out. Complete the contact form below and I will respond within 24 hours.

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