Beat the Binge and Find Food Freedom!


No more pouring dish detergent on your brownies.

Stop obsessing about what you can and can't eat.

No more hating your body or hating yourself. 

Stop eating when you're sad, lonely or bored for good!

Join me in an engaging online program that will transform your relationship with food.

What We'll Cover



Tame Your Triggers

Identify the situations, emotions and even the people in your life that are contributing to your food and body concerns. We'll learn how to manage the triggers with proven coping skill strategies.

Learn Why You Should Never Diet Again

Learn how dieting creates a cycle and actually causes you to binge more! You'll learn why you should stop dieting right now and how to end the destructive cycle of dieting forever.

Supportive Community

As part of the program, you'll have access to a super secret Facebook Group. Find a sponsor, network and reach out for support from others in the program. (Live Participants Only)

Stop Fearing Food

"No more eating after 6 p.m." "Cut out all carbs." 
"I'm not eating anything unhealthy except on my cheat
Stop the senseless food rules! Learn to love ALL
foods and why thinking about food as "good or bad" is so wrong for your health.

Understand Diet Culture

Learn what Diet Culture and Diet Mentality is and how these concepts are causing significant pressure and stress in your life. You'll learn how to decipher "diet talk" within the media, social circles and even your family. You'll learn how to filter out these messages to create a better thought process for yourself. 

Discover Body Love

Instead of beating up your body with senseless fad diets,
learn how to treat it with respect, kindness and how to
crush negative body image issues for good. From a Health At Every
Size approach, develop a body positivity attitude to last a lifetime.

One Part Learning


We'll cover three main areas in the program first:

Understanding Binge Eating. Identifying Triggers. Coping and Managing.

Then we'll look at how each of these components work together and we'll
address other issues that arise:

Getting your family on board with your goals. How to manage negative emotions without food. Tackling body image with body acceptance. 



One Part Connection and Community

                  [Live Participants Only]

An important piece of this program is the community. 

We'll have weekly coaching calls where one we'll discuss any questions that arise from the material and have a chance to share with other members.

You'll also participate in weekly group assignments where you'll be able to implement the program into your everyday life. Engage with the community for ongoing support and accountability.



Your Therapist and Facilitator,
Amber Madden, MA, LPCC, EDS

I love working with individuals who want to live healthier lives, but are struggling!

That's right, I want to help you learn how to manage your binge eating without dieting or strict food rules. I want to help you learn how to love healthy foods and how to nourish and love the body you have, even at the size it already is or whatever size in your healthy journey.



No more pouring dish soap on your food
after you've thrown it in the trash.

No more sneaky binges in your car.

Stop hating yourself and your body.

Here is EXACTLY what we'll be covering and what you'll be getting in the program:

Welcome Packet
Simple goal-setting exercises you can start right away to lay a foundation for success.

Live Video Workshops
Every week we'll go in depth on a different topic related to binge eating.

~Week 1~
Introductions - Course Overview
Everything you need to know to get started, including a LIVE introductory session.

~Week 2~
Understanding Binge Eating
Because in order to change something, you first have to understand it.

~Week 3~
Identifying Triggers and Cravings
Know your risk factors, identify your trigger thoughts and learn how to cope.

~Weeks 4~
Turning Body Hatred into Body Acceptance
Tackle your ingrained body image issues and learn how to love yourself more - a HAES approach.

~Week 5~
Mindful Eating Techniques- Normalizing Eating
Understanding how dieting leads to self sabotage. Learn how to eat healthfully and normally.

Handouts with simple steps for implementing each assignment.
Actionable activities to accompany each lesson. 

5 Weekly Live Q & A Sessions (Live Participants Only)
Each week, we're going to have a live session where you'll have a chance to ask questions and get answers to any concerns you may have. This is also a chance to have further discussion with the group regarding the course material. 

Independent Book Study
We'll read Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong,
Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand About Weight.

Weekly book discussion questions posted to Private Facebook Group
to help you incorporate and practice the material.
(Live Participants Only)


Private Facebook Group
(Live Participants Only)
Connect with other members 24/7 and myself in a private Facebook group. Participate in weekly discussion posts, post homework assignments and discuss the course material among members.
 This is a great place to get ongoing feedback between sessions. 


You'll also get INSTANT ACCESS to our 2 awesome lessons that will really help you
JUMPSTART your journey to health!

Stress-Free Meal Planning and The Games Grocery Stores Play
(from the Healthy Eating Boot Camp Program)

Effortlessly plan meals for your family, reduce shopping time and learn how
grocery stores get you to buy more!

Available for the entire length of the program from the moment you register!


Self Study Ecourse

This option is great if you're ready to get started on your own, don't want to wait for the next live group or if you're on a budget!



  • A Starter Guide.
  • A week by week Lesson Plan Guide for each of the 
  • A weekly 1 hr video recorded session on each topic.
  • Actionable challenges to complete each week to help you incorporate program lessons.
  • A Guided Visual Imagery Meditation on Body Image.
  • Weekly homework assignments.
  • Numerous recommended reading resources.
  • Free digital download of Body Respect.
  • Body Respect discussion questions by chapter.
  • Unlimited email support with your therapist, Amber Madden, MA, LPCC, EDS.

Live Program

This option is for those who are looking for a more interactive program. The biggest piece of this program is the engagement with other participants through live discussions and a private Facebook Group. Plus, you'll have an opportunity for a weekly Q & A with the therapist, Amber Madden.

In addition to the content from the Self Study Ecourse, you'll also receive:

  • Weekly LIVE Q & A with therapist, Amber Madden.
  • Participation in the Private Facebook Group with other participants for ongoing support.
  • Daily engagement through the Facebook Group to motivate and prompt discussion from the week's Lesson, Homework Assignment and Action Challenge.
  • Weekly prizes in which you can earn entries by completing assignments and readings. 
  • Weekly Book Discussion seminar for the Body Respect reading.