What To Do In Vegas (Part 2)

In this post, we're catching up on what we did on our trip to Vegas,  travel tips for the area and a suggested itinerary. If this is not of interest for you, feel free to check back later this week! Click here to read Part 1 of our trip. 

Day 3

On our third day, we decided to make an entire day of The Strip. But first....food!

Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy

We found Nacho Daddy on the Strip and it was amazing and the perfect place for us to grab a late lunch. The hubby had a massive order of BBQ Chicken Nachos and I had the Fish Tacos.

Nacho Daddy

The hubby finished ALL of his, while I finished most of mine. I have nothing negative to say about this spot. It was a great, and affordable place to lunch on the Strip.

National Atomic Testing Museum

Atomic Testing museum

As I mentioned earlier, the husband is a huge fan of a video game called Fallout. The game is set in a dystopian environment which envisions what life might have been like in Las Vegas had the United States actually been hit with an atom bomb in the 60's when the concern of such an event was very real. The nearby desert is where the nuclear testing grounds were many years ago, so of course, a stop at the Atomic Testing Museum was on the agenda!

atomic testing museum

I thought this was a really cool experience. I loved learning about all the history of the bomb testing sites and how it impacted not just the Vegas culture, but the culture of America in general. We learned about how Vegas business BOOMED as a result of people flocking to the area out of curiosity about the testing. We also learned how the atomic bomb testing influenced America's pop culture and even the way of life. Very interesting!

atomic Testing museum

Cesar's Palace

One of the things I wanted to do the most on our trip to Vegas was try to wander inside as many of the grand hotels on the strip as possible. I loved seeing all the grand architecture and beautiful, over the top designs. We saw the Bellagio the day before, so on this day we made an effort to see Cesar's Palace.

Ceasar's Palace

The hotel was amazing and we especially loved the pool area. So beautiful and peaceful! (I could't resist the photo op below!)

Ceasar's Palace

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Still tired from traveling and the time change, we headed back to the hotel for awhile to rest up before our next adventure. Later that night we traveled back out to see the infamous Las Vegas Welcome sign.

las vegas welcome sign

Our trip took place exactly 1 month after the shooting tragedy in Vegas. The Las Vegas sign area was adorned with a memorial to the 59 people who lost their lives during this traumatic event. It was very surreal to walk past the Mandalay Bay. I can only imagine how the many families that were impacted by this tragedy must feel. Prayers and thoughts to everyone.

las vegas memorial

Day 4

After battling the transit system, we were so excited to finally have a car rental to travel in! On this day we decided to visit Boulder City and Hoover Dam which is a short 40 minute drive from Vegas.

Boulder City

boulder city antiques

Boulder City was very cute and quaint and we decided that if we were to live anywhere near Vegas, we would want to live here. We enjoyed wandering around the antique shops and checking out the local neighborhoods. On to Hoover Dam!

boulder city antiques

Hoover Dam

This was, by far, one of our favorite things we did while on our trip to Vegas. The first stop at the Dam was the walking bridge.

hoover dam

The view was absolutely breathtaking! We climbed to the top and along the way were exhibits explaining how the Dam was built, the planning phases and major contributors. Very interesting!

hoover dam

At the bottom of the Dam we walked along the bridge taking in the beautiful scenery. It definitely helped being out away from the city for a day and was a welcomed break from all the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets.

hoover dam

According to the story of these statutes, The Winged Figures of the Republic, you're supposed to rub their toes for good luck!

The Winged Figures of the Republic

Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

forum shops

After Hoover Dam and a brief refreshing and relaxing at the hotel, we headed back out to the Strip. In search of dinner, before a show we were scheduled to see, we stumbled upon the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace.

Forum Shops

Forum Shops

Most of the shops are very high-end, but we enjoyed walking around and taking in a lot of the unique architecture of the building which has a ceiling painted just like the sky. Beautiful!

The Forum Shops

Carmines Italian Restaurant

For dinner, we settled on Carmines Italian Restaurant located inside of the Forum Shops. This was definitely my second favorite eatery of the trip. Dishes are traditional Italian cuisine, but served family-style with a huge plate of the dish brought out for the entire table. We went with the Sausage Rigatoni with Broccoli. So good! 


Cirque Du Soliel

cirquedusoleil mystere

I really feel like one cannot go to Vegas and NOT go to one of the Cique Du Soliel shows. We had tickets to the Mystere show presenting at Treasure Island.

cirque du soleil mystere

This show was beautiful, whimsical and every bit of the mysteriousness promised. We really loved the performance and just how much athleticism and talent the artists have! 

cirque du soleil mystere

That's it for Part 2! Check back next week for Part 3, the last couple of days of our Vegas vacay!

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