Individual counseling sessions can offer you the customized approach you need at a pace in which you are comfortable. In your Initial Assessment*, we'll discuss your background and significant life events that may have contributed to the distress you're currently experiencing. The Initial Assessment* will allow for me to gather additional information, such as health history and family history to create a picture for your presenting problems. We will discuss and work to define your presenting problems, whether it is binge eating, overeating, disordered eating behaviors (calorie counting, food obsession, food rules) and other issues as related to your relationship with food.

In the follow up sessions, we'll define your goals and set action steps for you to complete throughout the week. We will review goals from previous sessions, evaluate problem areas and decide together how to move you into the next step of your journey. My main goal for you is to find peace with your body and food and to end the suffering you have experienced for perhaps, years. During these 45 minute sessions, we will discuss any ongoing problems you're experiencing as well as tailored interventions to assist you in your journey. (All new clients must complete the 90 minute Initial Assessment* prior to follow-up sessions.)

In addition to disordered eating issues, I can also assist with stress reduction, mindfulness interventions, emotional eating, anxiety issues, brief intervention for sport performance issues, and a variety of other concerns.

In your sessions we will:

- Label your disordered eating issues and behaviors to better understand them.
- Work towards helping you to understand how a non-diet approach is the best for your physical and mental health.
- Normalizing eating behaviors, sometimes involving providing a meal plan for structure and guidance.
- Learn what triggers or behaviors are keeping you stuck in your disordered eating behaviors.
- Move you towards a more accepting attitude of both your body and your diet.
- Decrease your focus of weight concerns and "fat fears".
- Help you to develop a more balanced life, complete with appropriate self care methods, exercising for joy and peace with all foods.
- Teaching you how to learn to eat without guilt or judgment.
- Create a goal plan complete with actionable steps at the end of each session.
- Review goals and action steps from previous sessions and evaluate your progress.

Some of the issues I can address:

- Disordered Eating Issues, including Food Rules, Binge Eating, Restricting, Overeating, Calorie Counting, etc.
- Weight Concerns
- "Fat Fears"
- Building Self Confidence
- Body Image Issues
- Stress Reduction
- Becoming a Mindful/Intuitive Eater
- Adolescent Eating Concerns
- Childhood Eating Concerns (including "picky eating")


Insurance Plans:

I do accept some insurance through some health plans for Kentucky residents. Please complete the application below and indicate in the comments your insurance plan and we will discuss during the free consultation session.

**Initial Session (Required for all new clients) - $145

Individual Sessions - $95

Package Plan of 3 Sessions -  $275

Package Plan of 6 Sessions - $ 545

Complete the application for a free consultation in which we will discuss your presenting problems, your expectations and whether or not we will be a "good fit" to work together.

Have more questions? Feel free to email me at amber{at} .


Affordable Therapy Options Available

If you want to work with me, but need a more affordable option than my traditional sessions, you might consider one of the non-traditional platforms below!

I'm An Open Path Therapist!

I'm a 7 Cups Therapist!

7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand emotional health and well-being service. You have unlimited messaging, so you can post as much as you want. Your private room is available 24/7, whenever you need it. I respond back and we will decide on a routine, typically once or twice per day. This is not instant message format. All conversations here are confidential, safe and secure. This is a place where you can discuss anything, privately.

Open Path is a collective of therapists who have generously agreed to provide in-office treatment for $30 to $50 a session (between $30 and $80 for couples and families). Open Path clients pay a one-time membership fee to work with an Open Path therapist at a significantly reduced rate. Because the rate is so low, clients gain back their membership fee after just one session. (Virtual Client Sessions Only).

Start Your On-Demand Therapy Today

$49 - $150 a month for unlimited sessions.

Start Your Membership Today

$30-$50 per session.


Please note, I do not accept insurance at this time. I can provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If you would like a payment plan or to explore your financing options, we can discuss this during your free, initial consultation.