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Amber Madden, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, LPCC

I'm Amber Madden, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, certified in treating eating disorders and disordered eating. I specialize in helping people feel less crazy around food and finally having the healthy relationship with food they've always wanted. I don't just want to see my clients change or grow, I want to see them bloom!

 I provide services and online courses for everyone around the United States through telehealth, virtual counseling platforms. My approach focuses on the concepts of Intuitive (Mindful) Eating and a Health At Every Size perspective. My goal is to help clients identify destructive, problematic eating habits and develop normalized eating behaviors. For some individuals (those who overeat, binge or yo-yo diet) this could translate to weight loss. However, for others who restrict, this could mean learning to accept your body at it's natural size. We will work on learning what "normal" eating looks like, as well as learning strategies for loving your body and yourself more. My philosophy is a NON DIET approach, free of stressful time lines and learning to incorporate ALL foods through gentle nutrition.     ~ Amber

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