Free Intuitive eating resources

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Are you just beginning your Intuitive Eating journey and wanting to know more about how to get started? Or maybe you're looking for some additional support in between therapy sessions, to learn about new topics (such as HAES), or are looking for some new ways to continue your recovery through disordered eating.

This Complete Intuitive Eating Resource is compiled of all the blogs, podcasts, articles and more of those who are focused on the Intuitive Eating mission. I hope you find something you love and that is helpful for your journey! 

Binge Eating Quiz

Quiz: Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food?

Have you been on what seems like a million diets and a million meal plans? Have you been counting calories and points until you can't count anymore? Maybe you're tired and frustrated of trying to lose weight, only to fail again and again. Maybe you find that you are very preoccupied with foods, fearing certain "unhealthy" or "bad" foods.

This quiz will help you discover your relationship with food! 

body image meditation

Body Image Meditation - A Free Guided Visualization Exercise

Do you find that you're constantly poking or pinching at your body in the mirror? Are your thoughts a constant stream of negative self-talk and name calling? We live in a world that is very "fat phobic" and seems to value appearance over all else. This "diet culture" we live in tends to put significant pressure on how we see ourselves in the world and the expectations we have. 

This Guided Visualization Exercise is intended to help you put things in perspective for your body and yourself.