A Letter to You...


This is where I get a chance to help you with building a better, healthier relationship with food. Because trust me, I've been there. As someone who grew up an overweight child, I feel like my relationship with food has taken many forms throughout my life. From binge eating, to anorexia, to bulimia I've been through it all. After spending years fearing food, I finally found food freedom. I finally learned how to love my body and feed it nourishing foods so it loves me back. Cool, right?!

I want to help you do the same. If you are the person that has thrown away the brownie, only to DIG IT OUT OF THE TRASH and still eat it, then this is the place for you. You are in the right spot if you have spent 2 hours tirelessly working out, only to go through the DAIRY QUEEN DRIVE-THRU after you left the gym. I can help you if you're the person that's put off the BEACH VACATION you deserve (for like your entire life) because you're not "beach body" ready. 

And you know how I can help? Because I've been there, too. I've been all of those people and STILL come out on the other side. After spending years in a battle with my body and my diet, I finally decided to channel that energy into my education and training so that I could not only help myself, but help others, too! 

I want to end this by saying that I am so glad you stopped in for a visit. Whether you're ready to make changes now, or in the future, just thinking about change is the first step! I would love to help you get to the next one.

Amber Madden


For more information on how you can get started on your recovery journey, please go to www.maddenwellness.ky.com  

Amber Madden is a Licensed Counseling Associate specializing in Eating Disorders and Obesity. She is the Clinical Director at Madden Wellness Counseling, PLLC. She utilizes her skills in addiction to assist her clients in with Binge Eating, "food addictive" patterns, and develop a positive approach to overall health and wellness. She has a passion for assisting clients in achieving their health goals and learning to love nutritious foods and exercise. For more information visit www.maddenwellnessky.com