In addition to counseling clients, I also enjoy working with the media and various brand companies. I have maintained a blog for several years, have a strong social media presence and am always interested in working with brands that I believe in and can recommend to my clients and supporters. I have collaborated to promote products, write reviews, write full length articles and give presentations. If you are interested to see if your brand or company might be a good fit for my audience, then please contact me using the form below and the SUBJECT LINE: MEDIA REQUEST



Drive awareness to your brand and build consumer trust. Partner with Madden Wellness and your logo and ad will appear on the right hand side of the Madden Wellness Blog, as well as have a featured spot in our Madden Wellness Membership area. Contact us via the online form with the SUBJECT LINE: ADVERTISING. We will reply within 10 business days to discuss options.


Product Reviews

Do you have a healthy living, mental health or other wellness product you would like to see featured on Bloom Nutrition? You can send your product to PO Box 2926 London, Ky. Bloom Nutrition will test your product and complete an honest review. Reviews will be posted either via the blog or the Youtube page. Bloom Nutrition will also be happy to sponsor a giveaway of your product if the product is found to be one we would recommend to our audience. If further correspondence is needed for the product, please include with your package or in an email via the online contact form.


Places Amber Madden and Bloom Nutrition have been featured.