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Beat the Binge

beat the binge

Beat the Binge

A 6 Week Virtual Program


This program involves understanding binge eating disorder and how to manage and overcome. We identify triggers for binge eating, tackle body image issues, learn intuitive eating techniques and how to prevent relapse.

This program offers both a Self Study option and a Virtual Interactive option.

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Enrollment for LIVE program is currently closed.
Next enrollment will be in Summer 2018.
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Happy Healthy Holiday Series

Happy Health Holidays

A Support Group

A 3 month support group with bimonthly and biweekly coaching calls. In these sessions, we'll be taking a look at all the many factors that contribute to disordered eating during the holidays, as well as cultivating Intuitive Eating throughout the holiday season. 

We'll be diving into understanding how deep rooted beliefs and ideas we may have about our families and seasonal foods, and how these factors may be sabotaging your progress.

Next enrollment will begin approximately October 2018.



Break the Mold: Building Better Body Image


Break the Mold

Building Better Body Image

In this 90 minute session, we'll discuss cultural expectations and standards of beauty. We will shatter myths you may have regarding your perception of your own body, appearance or weight. We will explore specific strategies for building better body image and how you can embrace the body you have now, no matter your size. This session is a self study course which includes self-guided homework assignments and reading.




Presentations and Speaking Engagements


Looking for a presenter for your event, worksite wellness or workshop? Do you need someone to interview for your podcast or instruct an online webinar? I would love to help!

I regularly present from a psychoeducational perspective to a variety of groups, including: workplace settings, universities, hospitals, health departments, community events, children's events, athletic groups, etc.

Past Speaking Engagements:

  • Mindful Eating vs. Emotional Eating - Ladies of Vision Open House
    Mindful Eating vs. Emotional Eating - Diabetes Conference
    Healthy Eating Basics - FCI Manchester Worksite Wellness
    The Games Grocery Stores Play - FCI Manchester Worksite Wellness
    Mindful Eating vs. Emotional Eating - FCI Manchester Worksite Wellness
    Happy Healthy Holidays - FCI Manchester Department Meeting
    Happy Healthy Holidays - Laurel Library
    Body Image: Break the Mold - FCI Manchester - Women's Group
    Intuitive Eating During the Holidays - Community Relations Board



Potential Topics Include:

Childhood Problematic Eating (a family-centered approach)
Break the Mold: Building Better Body Image
Intuitive Eating Through the Holidays
Strengthening Your Mental Game (for athletes and youth sports)
"Food Addiction" and Recovery
Positive Self-Esteem and Body Image
Emotional Eating
Disordered Eating
Family Wellness
The Addicted Family Member
The Stages of Change
Understanding Motivation
Setting and Sticking to Your Goals


In-Home Group Sessions

Perhaps you would like to host an in-home "party" or workshop? These sessions are also available for "in-home" presentations which will include a psychoeducational discussion, as well as group activities for implementation. Make an evening of it by getting together a group of 5 or more, some food, some fun and learn a little something new along the way! (Requires at least 5 participants.)

- Meal Prepping Session
- Pantry Clean-Out
- Healthy Recipe Party
- Dinner and Presentation (see topics above)

$25 per participant. (Don't have 5 people? Ask about the Family Session Rate.) 

Grocery Store tour

Did you know there is actually a lot of psychology that goes into grocery store planning? Do you know why there are no windows in the grocery store? Have you ever thought about why the produce is in the front of the store? 

Many grocery stores hire Industrial Organizational Psychologists to help plan their layout of merchandise and make certain items (such as snacks, cookies, etc.) more tempting for you to buy! With this service, we will spend approximately 1 hour visiting your favorite grocery store to discuss and identify some of these tricks, as well as ways for you to learn how to stay on track with your wellness goals.  

During a visit we can discuss:

- Locating healthy options at the store.
- Learning and identifying advertising schemes.
- Planning out and selecting healthy weekly menus.
- Strategies and skills for making your grocery store visit less stressful and overwhelming.
- And much more!

Grocery Store Consultations $75 per tour, to last approximately 1 hour. This service is for Kentucky residents. Travel outside of a 20 minute radius of London, Ky may have additional mileage fees.


Would you like to schedule a speaking engagement or another type of workshop?

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