Winter Loving Lately

Winter Loving Lately

Cozy Fireplaces


Last year my husband and I made the investment to install gas logs for our fireplace and it has definitely been a great decision. I never had a fireplace growing up, so having one now has been such a cozy experience during these icy Winter months. Jasper LOVES the fireplace and often we'll find him cuddled up in front of it or sometimes leaning on it so that he can get even warmer. It absolutely cracks me up when sometimes he walks over to the fireplace and leans on it even when it's not on. It's like he's saying, "Hello? Can someone please turn this on?"

Pajama Sets


You guys. I could LIVE in pajama sets! Especially wintery ones with polar bears in scarves. Or penguins. Or puppies! It's always a sad day when it starts to get too warm for these and I have to pack them away during the warmer months. I make sure to soak up every minute I can spending time kicked back in my jammies while I can.

Snow Days

Snow Days

Last year, we actually did not see a lot of snow in Kentucky. This year we've had a couple of small snows, but we did have a pretty great one a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful!

ALL The Books

Book Club

I've been trying to make a consistent effort to read more. I love reading, but between flipping through social media accounts and everything else going on in life, reading often gets tossed to the wayside. That's why I decided to come up with my new Bloom Book Club, an intuitive eating book discussion group that is completely virtual. It's definitely helping to keep me on track with my reading AND it's turning out to be a ton of fun getting to know others from all over. Have you joined? It's free!

What favorite Winter things have you been enjoying lately?


Bloom Book Club