How To Know When to LET GO

Lately I've been, I've been EXHAUSTED...


It started back in March. Too many things going on too much of the time --- all of the time.

Last Fall, I mentioned training for ALL THE RACES this year. I had great ambition and I was PUMPED!

I trained.

              In the snow.

             When I didn't feel like it.

              When I already had a lot on my plate.

My first Half was scheduled to take place at the end of March. My training right before had suffered due to having a cold and I knew I wasn't ready. I decided running the 10K would be ENOUGH. But then, when I went to register, the race had been sold out.

I was bummed... but then I kinda wasn't. Inside, I felt slightly relieved.


The next race on the calendar was the Redbud Ride. Again, I was thrilled and excited and slightly intimidated when my friend I was riding with told me she had signed us up for the 34 mile route - further than we'd ever ridden.

Shocked and dismayed, I finished the ride easily enough and felt great! The next event was scheduled for May 21st. The Horsey Half.


I knew I had time to train up in between, and I also knew I had an extremely busy May ahead of me...

  - Taking family to their doctor's appointments.

  - Graduation Ceremonies

  - Finals and Papers for classes due.

  - A Ballet Event to attend.

  - Worksite Wellness Program to organize.

  - Autism Awareness Event

 - Ladies of Vision Event

 - Mother's Day

 - Not to mention training for the race itself!


Even as I write it all down, all I can think is NO WONDER I felt so tired!

I was frustrated. Mad at myself for not being able to do it ALL. Upset that I had set some amazing goals for the year, but found myself unable to accomplish them with only just a fraction into the year. I had trained, but then I decided to LET GO of running the race. Let go of the stress with running 10 miles after working a full day. I LET GO of perfection and my idealistic attitude that I would be able to do ALL THE THINGS this year, when I am only one person. I LET GO of the false sense of pride I felt for pushing myself to do and overcome the challenge of doing it all, all of the time.


And it has felt amazing.

Late night wine and cream cheese crackers. 

Late night wine and cream cheese crackers. 

Instead, I've spent more time soaking up some warm, early Summer evenings with dinner on the patio.

I've spent more mornings enjoying Strawberry Stuffed French Toast while curled up on the couch watching Food Network.

I've spent several evenings taking leisure walks with the pups around the neighborhood while taking in the bustle of children playing in pools and the sound of lawn mowers in the distance.

I've rediscovered a love of running for pleasure and not just training for events.

I've spent more days enjoying quality time with family that doesn't feel rushed or forced.

Canvas and Wine Painting event with Mom for Mother's Day! 

Canvas and Wine Painting event with Mom for Mother's Day! 


And extra time away from so much running has afforded me the opportunity to spend more quality time in the kitchen, rediscovering a passion for cooking and recipe creation.

Greek Yogurt "Cheesecake" with Cashew and Date Crust

Greek Yogurt "Cheesecake" with Cashew and Date Crust

I intend on spending most of my Summer in this manner, relaxing and enjoying the season as much as possible. I hope this message finds you well and if anything, inspires you to also take a look at your own lists of To-Do's and reevaluate if necessary. Prioritizing your health can sometimes mean actually taking a step back and LETTING GO of all the things you think you should be doing.

So here's to a Summer of Self-Care!



Amber Madden is a Licensed Counseling Associate specializing in Eating Disorders and Obesity. She is the Clinical Director at Madden Wellness Counseling, PLLC. She utilizes her skills in addiction to assist her clients in with Binge Eating, "food addictive" patterns, and develop a positive approach to overall health and wellness. She has a passion for assisting clients in achieving their health goals and learning to love nutritious foods and exercise. For more information visit



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