All You Need to Know About Eating Healthy

Have you ever wondered how some people can eat "normal" everyday and never have to worry about food? They can eat a donut without feeling one bit guilty. They can eat a few bites from a piece of cake and feel satisfied enough to pass up the rest. They can eating 3/4 of what is on their plate and leave the rest for later because they're no longer hungry. 

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My #1 Meal Planning Strategy - (aka, How Clicklist Changed My Life!)

If you're not familiar, Clicklist allows customers to choose their groceries online. You select the designated time for pickup during the checkout process online. On the day/time of your scheduled pickup, you simply drive up to the Clicklist station in the Parking Lot of your chosen store - and they come out and load your cart FOR YOU with all of your groceries. Mind. Blown. I may or may not have cried the first time they loaded my vehicle and I didn't even have to get out of the driver's seat.

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Healthy Eating Basics Bootcamp (Online!) - Open for Enrollment!

Last summer, we ran an online Bootcamp for healthy eating and.... we're doing it again! The program starts in March 2017 (times/dates TBD). Save by signing up for the Early Registration beginning now through February 28th!

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Will My Insurance Pay for Obesity Counseling?

The answer is – it depends. With obesity rates climbing, the American Medical Association declared Obesity as a disease in 2013. With this change also came the cry for insurances to cover for preventative and treatment services for those afflicted with obesity issues.

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Don't Be A Stuffed Turkey! (Special Promotion)

The holiday season has long been known to be a time of tradition. Many special traditions involve family, friends and celebration, but even more revolve food. For someone struggling with problematic eating, food addiction, attempting to lose weight or change eating habits, the holiday season can be an especially difficult time.

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Healthy Products for Healthy Living - (Video)

I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite products that I use almost WEEKLY in my diet. These products make healthy living fun, tasty and simple. Many of these products are available in the Madden Wellness Store as a convenient and easy way for you to find them. I hope you enjoy!

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Can You Afford Fresh Meal Delivery?

If you have been following the blog for a bit, then you KNOW how much I LOVE the fresh meal delivery services. We often alternate between Home Chef, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh on a regular, usually weekly, basis. There are also many other companies offering a similar service. 

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Teaching Kids the Truth About Weight Stigma

I can remember it like it was yesterday when one of the more popular girls in the class pinched my butt in front of several others and laughing, said, "There's a lot to pinch there!" And I know my father never meant any harm when he used to call me his "little fat buddy," but the words still cut deep.

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Happy Healthy Holiday Workshop Series

Have you ever made significant changes in your diet and lifestyle, only to relapse during the holidays?


What starts out as a plan to have only 1 plate of food, quickly turns into 2 and then maybe by the end of the week (and 4 holiday parties later) you've decided to completely abandon your goals.


"I'll start over for New Years."

"There's no point in trying to make changes now...what with the holidays just around the corner."

" It's just once a year."

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How Do I Handle My Binge Eating?

This question describes a very typical setup of what is called the  Binge, Repent, Repeat cycle. This means that typically after you binge, you experience emotions as you described "shame and disappointment" and then because of these emotions you "repent" (i.e. vow to never binge again, promise to "do better," go to the gym, etc.) and then ultimately end up bingeing again. 

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