A New Beginning...Blooming An Online Business - Edition 1

A LOOONG Story to Get Us Started!

At 32 years old, I fall into that rare in-between category of being one of the last age groups to remember what it was like not having a computer in the home and being the age group that would help technology boom and take over the world. I was fortunate enough to be in an elementary school that had a few PC's per classroom and blessed enough to have a 1st grade teacher that knew the value of learning how to type. By the time I actually took a typing class in high school, I was already a pro and doing a lot of the other students' classwork in a fraction of time.

During my grade schooling from elementary school to high school, I was often regarded as one of the proficient writers in my class. I don't share this to brag, but only to demonstrate that I truly believe writing is something many are born with an ability to do. In college, my analytical side chose to pursue Psychology, but my creative side was still restless. Even though Psychology was my Major, I sought out writing and Journalism classes, became the Assistant Editor on the campus newspaper and snagged a paid writing job with the Media Relations office on campus.

I remember being absolutely fascinated with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. I loved the story and the other characters, but I really loved that she was a writer and just how glamorous that sounded (even though I realize writing is rarely glamorous). It was during college that I discovered blogging for the first time. I remember Facebook was just getting footing and was still only open to college students and blogging was only a way to record your diary and share it with the world. I started my first blog that Senior year of college. I think I published 2 posts. If you asks me now I would have no idea how to even get back to those posts, but I'm sure they live on the internet somewhere.

I picked up blogging again in my late twenties after being a long-time reader of several other blogs. I blogged at this Wordpress site for a couple of years on and off, but ultimately I have decided to make my home here on Bloom Nutrition.

All this to say, I want this to be the start of something great. I was inspired after reading Pinch of Yum's blog business reports and learning the possibilities. I further have branched out into their The Foodie Blogger Podcast, and have found that even more helpful. I'm sure there are others out there that would enjoy something much the same, so this will make the start of MY journey into intentional steps in building an online business. So here goes...

September 2017 Reports


Traffice Squarespace - Sep. 2017.jpg
Traffice Google - Sept. 2017.jpg

Here you can see we have traffic stats from two different tracking systems. Squarespace offers it's own analytics on their platform, but Google is a universal go-to. I did not signup for Google Analytics until a little later in the month, so that's why the page views here are a little lower. 


That's right....nada.... Maybe soon!


  • 12.00 - Squarespace Site

  • 14.99 - Zoom Platform - I use Zoom for online video recording, group chats with clients and live sessions.

Top Posts of September 2017


September Tip of the Month

I have been focused on building my SEO and learning how to use Google Analytics. For newbies, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is basically a formula of ways you can enhance your content so that search engines, like Google, will rank the site higher in their search.

My best tip this month is to Google locating some type of checklist or system to help train yourself on how to best optimize blog posts and other content. I'm on the hunt for one that I really love!

September Recommended Resources

Goals Completed from September

This is our first month for Blooming an Online Business, so there were no former goals set. So I will take this space here for this month to highlight some accomplishments I did make towards my business for the month of September.

  • Completed a Free Email Opt-in, along with a Free Resources page of my site.

  • Attended my first "mastermind meetup" with a new group of great, like-minded female entrepreneurs. This was very helpful for motivating me to take action steps towards my business this month.

  • Made the official decision to begin blogging completely on Bloom Nutrition, versus back and forth from my former blog.

  • Added Swoop advertising to my site to begin building some monetization strategies.

Intentional Goals for October

  • Publish at least 1 new blog posts to my site, as well as move at least one blog post from my former site each week.

  • Submit at least 1 article to Huffingtonpost for consideration.

  • Take a tutorial training online to learn how to better utilize Google Analytics.

  • Take a tutorial training online to learn how to better utilize Facebook Ads.

  • Finish completing my Opt-In sequence for my sales funnel.

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