Should You Use My Fitness Pal? [Video]

When working with new clients, it never fails that most of them have either used or are currently using some sort of app to keep track of their food intake. In this day and age, there are an assortment to choose from in app stores, but one of the most popular is My Fitness Pal.

My Fitness Pal calculates calorie content and other nutritional measurements of food into a "counter" on the app. The app has the ability to create individualized goals based on several factors, including weight loss. Users can input data of their food choices into the app and then the app provides a listing of food choices with programmed data about nutritional information. Based on the goals the user sets, the app indicates whether or not the user is making progress towards their established goals.

In the video below I disclose my thoughts about My Fitness Pal and whether or not I think it is a helpful tool, especially for those with disordered eating issues or those striving for intuitive eating.

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